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Friday, April 29, 2016

MORE Jvloggers! Three More Epic Youtube Channels About Japan

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       If you enjoyed my first post about Jvloggers, then I have good news! Today, I'm going to spotlight three more YouTube channels about life in Japan. While the first Jvloggers article was based primarily on where to get the best facts about Japan, today's channels have been featured because they're great life-blogs. They can be fun, informative, and even adorable! Would you like to know more? Then, by all means, read on!

Texan in Tokyo

       Grace (the Texan) and her husband Ryosuke (from Tokyo) are vloggers on a channel that's equal parts slice-of-life and did-you-know. They goof around a little, but the videos are very informative. It's a great channel for those of you who like your videos with a crazy sense of humor. If you can't get enough, you can also buy Grace's comic books here.

Life Where I'm From 

       Possibly the cutest Jvlogger ever, Aiko is a little girl with a Canadian father and a Japanese mother. She and her dad make videos about what life is like in Japan. They cover a wide variety of topics including apartments, food, parks, and recycling. It's also a great channel to show the kids!

Sharla In Japan

       Sharla is a prolific vlogger who's great at showcasing the fun side of Japan. Whether it's trying new foods, visiting theme cafes, or exploring popular destinations, her channel is filled with interesting things that are uniquely Japanese. She also does informative videos abut learning the language, living in Japan, and Japanese culture.

       That's it for today's featured channels! I hope you enjoyed learning about some great video blogs about Japan. Please visit these epic Youtube channels, and check out some of the other great videos they have online.

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