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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tune Almost Any Instrument With These 3 Free Apps

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   It's Sunday morning. In ten minutes, the choir will be playing the gathering song. I check my guitar one more time to see if it's tuned, and....... twaing~! Ouch. That didn't sound right. But no worries! I have a YouTube video on my phone, ready to go! I step outside, and discover that my internet has ZERO bars. Worries.

   Luckily, an E from the piano saved the day, but it was suggested that a guitar tuning app would come in handy for the future. That got me to thinking. If there are apps for tuning guitar, what other tuning apps are out there? Which apps are the best? A few hours hanging out on the Google Play store, and a few downloads later, I came up with this list.

Guitar Tuner Free - GuitarTuna by  Overlin
    GuitarTuna will tune the heck out of your guitar. It features an easy-to-use interface in which you tap the machine head to play the tone of the corresponding string. As if that wasn't enough, the app also listens to your guitar through your phone's microphone, and tells you if you're too high or too low.

   Extras bundled in this free app include a chord library, a metronome, and games to help you learn and recognize guitar chords. You can also purchase alternate guitar tunings, and tuning options for other instruments.

Download Guitar Tuna

Chromatic Pitch Pipe (free) by I2App
   Are pitch pipes more your style? Then you might like this simple Pitch Pipe app from I2App. All you do is tap the letter note on the pitch pipe graphic for it to play.

   You can try out different options by hitting the menu key on your phone, and going to settings. Options include switching between an F-to-F and a C-to-C pipe, choosing a piano or reed organ tone, changing the color of the pipe, and choosing the duration of the notes. At only 3.39MB, it has a tiny memory footprint. If this is all you need, then it's a great app to have hanging around on your phone.

Download Chromatic Pitch Pipe

   Have an instrument that's too high, too low, or too uncommon for most tuning apps? Try using a piano app! Perfect Piano features a keyboard with labeled keys that show you the names of the notes.
To move up and down the keyboard, you drag the highlighted section across the piano graphic above your keys.

   This app also comes bundled with a ton of extras. It has games for practicing piano, 70 sample songs, MIDI support, and record and playback. If you're into piano, all these shinies are made for you.

Download Perfect Piano

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