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  • MOROCHEY -- A fantasy/sci-fi webcomic in which a group of friends luck into a chance at fame and fortune by entering a worldwide magic-dueling tournament. In reality, they've been swept into a secret war that plays their old traditions and loyalties against the realities of the modern world.
    Full color digital manga re-releases on Febrary 1st, 2017; after which it will update daily.
  • Gothic Warrior Chronicles -- A horror/action comic about good vs. evil, love vs. lust, and slayers vs. vampires. There will be no sparkles, no dreamy vampires, and no kawaii creatures of the night; just a monster movie webcomic.
    Drawn in a silver-screen-esque greyscale style with colored accents. Just starting out with 10+ pages of content. Updates sporadically.
  • Selfie Shtick -- A fictional-diary comedy strip on Webtoons in which I shamelessly plagiarize real life for comedic purposes.
    Drawn in a crisp, minimally-shaded, full-color style. Brand-spankin'-new as of January 2017.
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