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Monday, February 20, 2017

Kittens Vs Toddlers - 10 Ways the two Compare

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       Kittens and toddlers have been stealing our hearts since the dawn of time. There's something about that perfect combination of babyish cuteness, uncanny bursts of intelligence, and that tendency to not care what anyone thinks that makes their antics utterly hilarious. A cat is a cat, and a human is a human, but that doesn't mean we can't get a good laugh from comparing the two! As a long-time toddler-wrangler, and a first-time kitty-mommy, I'm going to share some funny things I've observed.
  1. A toddler will fuss until you pick her up. A kitten will fuss until you put her down. Cats are independent creatures, and getting a tiny kitten to warm up to humans is hard! My kittens squirmed, clawed, bit, and cried when I would hold them. Don't worry, I didn't hold them captive for long when they were so obviously distressed. I did want to make it a point, however, to gently handle them pretty often while they were small, so they would get used to human contact. After about a month of this, it paid off, and both kitties are becoming very comfortable with petting their humans.
  2. If they decide you are a chair, you are now a chair. This is something human and feline tots definitely have in common. If they decide to sit on you, stand up at your own peril. Being human, a toddler will often vocalize (loudly) to let you know he wants to be held. Cats, being cats, are all action. If a determined kitty gets kicked off your lap she'll, jump, climb, or claw her way back up there. Perhaps, in hindsight, this is payback for training them to be petted!
  3. Putting a kitten in a cage is not frowned upon.... and here's where you complete the sentence in your head, and decide I'm a horrible person! Hahaha no. I've never caged a toddler (unless you count playpens and baby gates), but the kittens do sleep in a relatively large crate so they don't wreak havoc at night. The crate also made house-training pretty easy, and is convenient when they need to be separated or contained for short periods.
  4. Let sleeping babies lie While we're on the subject of infantile rambunctiousness, here's another rule that applies to kitties and kiddies alike. Never wake a sleeping baby! They need their rest, and you need a few minutes without them bouncing off the walls! It's really a win-win situation here.
  5. They both love to share and by share, I mean take your stuff. Anything left unattended (especially food!) is fair game. Never leave anything tasty, fragile, or both in their reach, or else it may fall prey to curious munchkins. Just keep in mind that kittens can jump higher, and toddlers are sneakier.
  6. "No" is more of a guideline than a rule Like toddlers, kittens are capable of learning what "No" means. However, that doesn't always mean they will listen! They also know when your back is turned, and will take full advantage of it. I can't count the times the cats have bolted away from something they're not supposed to climb on when I entered the room!
  7. Cats groom themselves more efficiently One nice thing about kittens is that you really don't need to worry about them getting messy. Sure, they'll terrorize your house, your plants, your belongings, and so on; but they keep themselves exceptionally clean. There's a lot to be said for that good old feline self-grooming instinct! I guess it also helps that they don't have to wear clothes, or brush long hair, or shower their skin...   and that they don't eat lollipops.
  8. Toddlers can actually tell you what they want Sorry, kittens, but the small humans will always have you beat with intelligence. "I want water," "I want food," "I'm sleepy," "I want in this room," and "Pick me up" all translate to "MYEAHOW" in kitten language. 
  9. They're both easily distracted Kittens more so than tots. All it takes is the sound of a jingle-bell to make a kitten prick its ears up in curiosity. A toddler makes you work for it a little more, but can also be lured by the unwrapping of a candy bar, or a few notes of the into to their favorite TV program. Either way, the way they instantly switch gears is funny to watch.
  10. They both grow up too fast No matter how hyper, how destructive, or how much work the younglings of any species are, they always seem to grow up a little too quickly. One day, you look at them, and they seem twice as large as they were yesterday. Then, you realize they're twice as smart as you thought they were. Then, you find that they're not babies anymore, and maybe kind of miss the time when they were. Oh well. That's what growing up is for, right?

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