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Find Sierra on Social Media

  • Instagram -- A popular image sharing site.
  • Facebook -- A popular social media site.
  • Patreon -- A site that allows you to subscribe to your favorite indie artists.
  • YouTube -- A popular video sharing site.
  • LINE Webtoons -- A popular webcomic sharing site.
  • Wattpad -- An indie writer site on which thousands of user-written stories are readable for free.
  • Tumblr -- A popular blog/sharing website.
  • Pinterest -- A gallery of images and links where you're certain to find something interesting.
  • DeviantArt -- A popular art sharing site.
  • Google + -- Google's social networking site.
  • Twitter -- A social media/news-feed site for bite-size posts.
  • Digital Webbing Forums -- A forum for webcomic creators

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