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Thursday, December 22, 2016

5 Reasons to Give a Shelter Pet a Home for Christmas

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        A loving home is the greatest gift of all, and it's one that you can give to a shelter pet who needs it. Puppies and kittens are on a lot of Christmas lists, but choosing an older rescue animal is an act of kindness that benefits both the lucky pet and his new humans. Here are a few reasons to give a lonely creature in a shelter near you a second chance at a happy home.

Special thanks to Sophie Gamand for the use of these photos from her Instagram account in this post. Sophie uses her photography talents to help rescue pets find loving homes.

The cutie shown here is named Jessica. She's from New York, and she does well in a calm, single-human home with no pets.
<<Learn more about Jessica>>

  1. They Come in All Shapes and Sizes -- Most of us are familiar with a handful of popular breeds, but every animal has something special to offer. Your family could fall in love with a breed you've never heard of; or be the perfect fit for a one-of-a-kind mixed-breed pet. Keep an open mind, and you might find a furry friend that you never knew you needed
    Tuesday was rescued by The Sato Project; an organization that rescues abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. She was found skinny and scared, eating garbage behind a shelter. She'll be ready for adoption in the mainland in a little over two months.
    <<Learn more about Tuesday>>
  2. Many are Already (At Least Mostly) Trained -- Older animals usually have some basic training already. This can make it easier for first-timers, children, elderly humans, or anyone who is not looking forward to house-training a pup or kitten from scratch.
    Braulio is a beautiful brindle boy from Puerto Rico who is suspected to be a Corgi mix. He has been in a shelter kennel all his life, and his time is running short. For pets like Braulio, adoption is their last chance at a loving home. It's worth it to adopt an older dog!
    <<Learn more about Braulio>>
  3. You Have a Good Idea of Their Temperament -- The caregivers of a shelter animal often already know what kind of temperament it has. They can usually tell you how your pet might get along with children, other animals, or certain environments. Caregivers may also know some of an animal's specific quirks, likes, and dislikes. Just ask! You'll be surprised what you can learn.
    Pearl is a shy, one-and-a-half year old pup from Houston, Texas who like people, other dogs, and couch cuddles. She's been in a shelter for over a month, and can be adopted through BARC Houston.
    <<Learn more about Pearl>>

  4. Don't Support Puppy-Mills -- Any prospective pet parent has probably heard the heartbreaking stories of profit-oriented breeders using questionable practices to produce large numbers of animals. These places exist, and continue to sustain themselves, because the demand for puppies and kittens is so high. Don't contribute to their success!
    Struggling puppies and tired mommas are heartbreaking to see. Prevent shelter overcrowding, and improve the quality of life for pets everywhere. Aside from boycotting puppy mills, remember to spay and neuter your pets. This photo is from Sophie Gamand's "The Anatomy of Discomfort"
    <<Learn more about The Anatomy of Discomfort>>
  5. Christmas is About Goodwill -- A pet is a living, breathing creature that depends on the love and care of its humans. If you can provide that, it will return your kindness with a lifetime of love and affection. If you're looking for a pet this Christmas, why wouldn't you keep with the spirit of the season, and change a lonely animal's life for the better?
    Pictures by Sophie Gamand, like this one, help rescue animals find loving homes. This Christmas Cutie was ADOPTED after this picture was taken! You can choose adoption, and make a pet as happy as he is!
    <<Learn more about Sophie Gamand>>

           Finally, remember to always do your research before bringing an animal into your life. Make sure you're ready for a pet before considering whether to get one. Unfortunately, many people take home a pet as a present, and later end up giving it up. If you're adopting a pet this Christmas, don't think of the animal as a gift; think of sharing your home as a gift to the animal. It would be unfair to give a gift so precious, only to take it away later! However, if you've already have 99 reasons to become a pet owner, let the holiday season be your 100th, and adopt a pet in need.
    If owning a pet isn't right for you, you can still help pets in need! Shelters are always in need of supplies like towels and warm linens. Contact your local animal shelter, and find out what you can do to help! This photo is from Sophie Gamand's "Wet Dog Book".
    <<Learn more about the Wet Dog Book>>

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