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Friday, April 10, 2015

Do You Crochet? Oui Crochet!

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   Do you like to crochet? Maybe you're looking for some great, free crochet patterns. Maybe you're a beginner looking to learn how to crochet. Or maybe you just have a bunch of yarn, and are looking for something unique and creative to do with it. Whatever your current yarn-themed inspiration is, my Mom's crochet blog, Oui Crochet, has plenty of great ideas for you!

   Warning: You may need more yarn....

   The supermom behind Earning My Cape, is introducing a new, all-crochet blog called Oui Crochet. In addition to patterns from her previous blog, Oui Corchet also features several new patterns, a tutorial for beginners, and a shop for your crocheting needs.

   The growing gallery already features over thirty free patterns. You could be surprised what you can do with a ball of yarn! You can find patterns for all kinds of cute accessories, clothes, and blankets. However, there are also patterns for unique items like jewelry, toys, and games; and practical items like a soap-saver, or a strap to hold a sippy cup. The list continues to be updated as new patterns are created.

   If you'd like to check out Oui Crochet, you can visit the website at, or follow Oui Crochet on facebook, pinterest, and other social media sites.

   Happy crocheting, folks!

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