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Friday, November 14, 2014

My DeviantArt Gallery- Favorite Arts from my Old Blog

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   Today I take on the task of moving the art from my old blog over to the DeviantArt gallery for my new one. It's kind of like the digital equivalent of cleaning my room. This is so, of course, in the sense that it's totally tedious, and takes forever. However, it's also so in the sense that I'm rediscovering a bunch of my cool old stuff.

   I'm going to toss up some of my favorites, along with a link to my Gallery. I still have a lot more to add, so if you like what you see, feel free to follow me on DA.

My Mermaids
   I'm particularly proud of my old mermaid posts from when I was first starting the Merry Lurker blog. They're still as fun to revisit as they were to draw.

Webcomic Stuff
Sooo much stuff from my webcomic, Morochey! It makes me want to start updating again right away! But after having to stop-and-go so many times due to not having a buffer, I decided to wait until I had a good amount of comic pages handy before I start again. If you'd like to read what I already posted, though, please visit

Old Story Concepts
Fragments of stories that I was working on, but never really finished, also pop up frequently on my old blog. Some day I'll go back to these. Some day....

The Lurker
Okay, so maybe it's a cartoony character, but it was my "face" online since 2011. It was fun being The Merry Lurker for a while!

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