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Friday, November 14, 2014

Handmade Necklaces-- "Can You Do Anything With This Button?"

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   "Can you do anything with this button?"

   That's all it takes to put a picture in my head of exactly what I can do with that button. I immediately got to work, and grabbed my bead-box. After all, a pretty button with a shank in the back is really just a chime-style necklace waiting to happen.

   Here's what I came up with....

   To make the pattern work, I made four wire loops and attached them to the shank. The top loop was used thread the neck-chain through, and the other three were used to dangle the beads from the bottom. The beads on this choker necklace are wooden and acrylic, and the hardware is handmade from copper wire.

   And of course, because beading is addicting, I couldn't stop there! It actually started as earrings. My grandma gave me some of those beading wires that are meant to make dangling earrings. Of course I had to try it out, and a few shells and stones later, I had a brand new pair. Afterward I made the necklace to match it, using the same wires for the dangling beads, and the large stone in the middle. Here is the end result!

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