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Saturday, May 21, 2016

CHEAT at Making Onigiri Rice Balls!

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       Onigiri is basically rice balls stuffed with a filling, such as meat. The Japanese dish is typically molded by hand, and served as part of a bento box, or other meal. A while back, I linked to a video on how to make them, but eventually, I ended up finding a way to cheat. The result is an equally delicious (though slightly different-shaped) rice ball with a quicker prep-time, and easy clean-up.

       First, you prepare your filling, and plain white rice. In this case, I'm using teriyaki beef for the filling, though you could really use any number of things. I encourage you to seek out tasty filling recipes to try on your own!

       The real secret ingredient in this recipe is not what goes inside the rice, but what goes outside it. You'll need a small Gladware, or spice bowl; preferably plastic. 

Step 1:
Fill 3/4 with rice and make a small indentation.

Step 2:
Add a bit of filling, placing it in the indentation.

Step 3:
Cover with rice, and pack it down.

        Turn the container upside-down on the plate, and tap the sides and bottom until the rice ball pops out.  Then, let it stand for a minute or two so that the cool-y stick-together-y goodness of the rice can work it's magic. Voila! You have Onigiri!

        Do you like your onigiri fried? Good news! These rice balls are great for frying. Not one of them fell apart on me when I tried to flip it! 

       All in all, I feel like this lifehack was a success. Try it out for yourself, and see how you like it!

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