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Friday, January 9, 2015

Japanese Food How-to -- Onigiri and Sushi

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   If you like Japanese food, or if you're just curious about how it's made, then these videos are for you. The first 3-part video shows how to make various rolls of Sushi and Sashimi. The second features simple and delicious stuffed rice balls called Onigiri. The makers of these videos have posted oodles of great cooking instructionals on YouTube, so if you like what you see, I recommend checking out their channels as well!

How To Make Delicious Sushi At Home
Tom Lin
Tim Lin is a chef who has posted pages and pages of videos showing how to make Asian and Asian-fusion dishes. This video shows how to make all the sushi and sashimi shown here, as you watch him prepare this very platter. You could get lost for hours looking at all the beautiful dishes on this channel. Click on the name above to see for yourself!

How to Make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Ball Recipe)
Cooking With Dog
   Learn to make Japanese food at home with Dog. Yes, Dog is a real dog. He patiently narrates in English while a Japanese chef prepares yummy foods in the kitchen. It's a funny concept with helpful videos. This particular video teaches us how to make three kinds of Onigiri or Japanese rice balls. Cooking With Dog posts a new video every Friday, so check out their channel for something new today!

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