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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Charcoal Art from my Instagram

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       I post a lot of art on my Instagram account. Today, I'd like to share some of it with you here. The theme today is Charcoal Drawings, so if you're a fan of charcoal pencil art, come have a look!


       The Moon Villa is something I originally posted on my old blog. It was drawn a few years back, but it remains one of my favorite charcoals out of the ones I've done. I think the hardest part of this picture wasn't necessarily the cityscape, but the stars. Working without an eraser, with a smudgy medium like charcoal, it's not easy to get little flecks of light in the sky to stand out!

       This pic of Eva and Master Typhoon from Morochey was a recent contest entry. The hardest part was translating the anime-ish art style into something that looked good in charcoal. My favorite thing about this picture is the shadowy magic effect! The webcomic is full color, but if I were ever to make a black-and-white spinoff series, that effect would definitely make it in!

       This also depicts characters from my webcomic. Eva, again, and her rival Rin. I like how Rin turned out better than how Eva turned out; especially the hair. Rin was definitely my favorite part of this picture, with Eva's hair being the hardest part.
       This pic of Angels is also from my old blog, but it remains a favorite of mine because it has something to say. 
      Finally, this pic of Kylo Ren, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is my most recent charcoal drawing to date. One night I just decided that Kylo needed to be drawn in charcoal. Star Wars fan art always seems to sneak its way into my sketchbooks somehow!

       That's it for now! If you enjoyed this, please watch for more picks from my Instagram in the future. For more art and pictures now, you can follow me at Sierra_J_Artist on Instagram.

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