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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Irony in Advertising -- Save the Cute Ones!

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       Ah, YouTube commercials. Honestly, I like them best when you can skip them. Once in a while, however, I'll sit and watch one. In this case, it was because my sister happened to catch a glimpse of the cute baby animals on the screen. ...but wait? Are you seeing what I'm seeing? See if you can find out why I cracked up in the middle of this ad!

   This. Is. Awesome. ...right? A lot of work goes into giving those pups a shot at survival in the big bad world. I love what they're doing here!

   However, in the middle of this heartwarming tale about man's compassion for his fellow creature, I couldn't help but notice one thing. The fish! The THOUSANDS of WHOLE FISH being devoured, and even PULVERIZED IN A BLENDER! There was something about being in fuzzy-wuzzy-animal-lovey mode, and then thinking of those SEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS of (Probably frozen) little sea creatures staring back at you as they're thrown in buckets and blenders. Fish are animals too! Maybe not as cute as the pups..  but still! I was actually mildly traumatized for a second. Then I laughed.

   Now, don't get me wrong. I know this is nature. Animals eat other animals! It just happens. I like meat too! Ironic silliness aside, you gotta love people who go the extra mile to help even one struggling animal, let alone an operation that nurses hundreds of baby animals back to health. So let's all give a big thumbs up to the Marine Mammal Center for doing what they do, and loving wildlife!

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