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Friday, January 6, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Chose to Advertise with the Amazon Affiliate Program

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       There comes a time in every blog's life when its creator thinks about adding advertisements. There's no shortage of options for those of us looking to run ads on our blogs. From writing sponsored content to renting out screen space, we have an almost overwhelming number of choices.

       For me and my blog, I decided that the Amazon Affiliates Program was a good fit. I wanted to run ads that would not only help monetize my site, but also improve the reading experience of my audience. Here are a couple of reasons why I chose Amazon Affiliate links to do the job.

Amazon is a Reputable Company
       Sometimes, clicking ads on the internet can feel like a gamble. You never know what kind of website you're going to wind up on. It's hard to tell, just by one banner ad, whether something advertised online is legitimate or not. With Amazon ads, you don't have that problem. Everyone knows what is, and what you see is what you get.

Amazon Links Can be Helpful to Readers
       Nothing is more convenient than reading about something cool that exists, and then immediately being able to shop for it. All sorts of things are available for sale on Amazon. Being able to display an instant example of what I'm talking about helps me provide richer, more interactive content for my blog.

Freedom to Choose my Ads
       With Amazon Affiliate Links, I can advertise what I want, when I want. Whether I want to post an ad for a blanket category of products, or link to a specific item, I can tailor my amazon ads to suit my needs. Equally as important, I can exclude certain things from being advertised by simply not selecting them. The freedom of being able to pick and choose my ads was extremely appealing to me as a family-friendly blogger.

Most of us Shop on Amazon Anyway
       Most people roaming the internet have used Amazon once or twice. A lot of us shop there on a regular basis. If you were to follow one of my links to, browse around, and buy something you were going to get anyway, I would get a small commission for that sale at no extra cost to you. Following affiliate links is a great way to show support for a blog you like, without spending anything you wouldn't normally spend.

The Ads are User Friendly
       Amazon Affiliate links are served, entirely, by Amazon. They can be implemented with simple HTML frames, and are easily customized to fit my formatting needs. No need to download any graphics, renew any subscriptions, or wrestle with illegible, computer-generated code. They also come with their own analytics built into the Amazon site. It's very handy for someone who wants to focus on content, rather than spend time worrying about ads.

       Amazon Affiliate links allow me to advertise on my site in a way that's custom and convenient. I can also use them to enhance the content of my website, rather than distract from it. Modern technology has given us many ways to advertise that go beyond the annoying commercials we're used to. It's time for "Ads" to stop being a dirty word, and start being a practical way to discover the products and services we're looking for.

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