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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Age-Appropriate YouTube for kids -- Frozen Playlist

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       Are you a parent whose kids like to watch YouTube? Wait. Let me rephrase that. Are you a parent who lets your kids watch YouTube? If you are, then you're probably both amazed by the sheer wealth of children's video clips available, and slightly terrified by what some people come up with. If they're not closely monitored, kids can think they're clicking on an innocent Elsa video, and wind up stumbling upon Elsa's Drunk Rampage (Yes it exists. Don't search that if you're not 18. NSFW).

       That's why I threw together my first YouTube for Kids playlist. Each one will have a theme, and contain enough videos to last at least an hour. That way, you can know the kids are watching something safe without having to run back and forth to the computer every two or three minutes. The theme for this one is Frozen; but I plan to make many more in the future, including ones for Sesame Street and Star Wars.

       The playlist is called Frozen Songs & More for Kids, and runs for about 90 minutes. Here's what's inside it:
  1. All the songs from Frozen, in order, in HD
  2. Demi Lovato's official Let it Go music video, as seen on the DVD
  3. The short-film trailer for Frozen with Sven and Olaf
  4. The end-credits clip in which Marshmallow the snow-beast finds Elsa's crown
  5. A DIY craft making Elsa's crown
  6. A clip show of all the Olaf moments in the movie
  7. How-to-draw Olaf
  8. Frozen Fever - the short film played before the new Cinderella movie
  9. Watch a real cake get decorated to look like Anna's birthday cake from the movie 
  10. Learn to make a pretend cake out of Play-Doh that looks like Anna's birthday cake
  11. The sing-along lyrics to the song from Frozen Fever
  12. A beautiful speed-draw of Elsa by Diana Diaz
  13. An easy how-to-draw Elsa video
  14. The stage performance in which Elsa lights the castle at Disney Land

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