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Friday, June 12, 2015

Political Priorities -- Reply to Scott Walker's Survey

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   Scott Walker posted this survey via his facebook page asking conservatives which is the most important issue of today. Unfortunately, rather than ranking the issues from highest priority to lowest, it only allowed you to pick one. Personally, I think he would get a more accurate idea of what people care about if he'd done it the other way.

   This is my response to the Conservative Priorities Survey, prioritizing the issues on the list from most to least pressing. Do you agree with the reasoning behind it?

1) Big Government
-- The bigger the government is, the more you have to feed it. Shrinking government, and easing stifling regulations will promote entrepreneurship, and allow the working class to thrive. Abolishing laws that reach too far into people's personal lives will raise the quality of life by returning freedoms to the country's citizens.

2) ISIS and Terrorism 
 -- Because we need to get real, and keep a close eye on people who would like to kill us, instead of turning a blind eye, and pretending it's not our problem.

 3) ObamaCare and Soaring Healthcare Costs 
 -- Healthcare is essential. If you don't have a right to your health, then you don't have the right to life. While I don't believe that national healthcare is a bad thing, the way in which it was implemented with ObamaCare did much more harm than good. The system is more bloated and complicated than it was before, people are losing plans they had for years because of the new changes, and emergency rooms are still crowded and understaffed.

 4) Border Security 
 -- For goodness sake, at least stop the bleeding. It's too easy for crooks, and the nations enemies, to use the chaos as an opportunity. The current system takes advantage of poor Mexican families for cheap labor, while allowing criminals to run riot at the same time. Failing to secure the border helps nobody. If America is serious about helping the Mexican people, what we should really be doing is taking a good look at Mexico itself, and assessing what can be done to aid our neighbors to the south.

5) Energy Independence 

 -- This one is self explanatory. The U.S. should be able to sustain itself without relying too heavily on foreign powers. The same goes for exporting jobs and manufacturing, since all the energy in the world isn't going to do us any good if we're still dependent on slave-labor counties for nearly everything we buy and sell.

 6) Higher Taxes 
 -- This big issue is so low on the list because it's a symptom of a larger affliction this country faces; a bloated, inefficient government. Lowering taxes alone has a chance of helping the economy, but it's only a band-aid. Treat the larger problems encumbering the American government, and then reform the tax code to meet the country's new needs.

 7) National Debt and Deficits 
 -- Like higher taxes, this is also a symptom of overgrown government. A government that lives within its means won't need to spend money it doesn't have.

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