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Friday, November 20, 2015

Free CSS Cheat Sheet - How to Use Cascading Style Sheets

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   You've probably heard that CSS makes building web pages a lot easier. But how? Basically, CSS is a giant shortcut. It allows you to use one file to dictate the style of your entire webpage, instead of adding attributes to every single HTML tag. By telling the computer what to modify, and how, you save typing, save computer memory, and save a ton of hassle if you ever decide to change the style of your web page.

Contained in this FREE guide:
You Make The Rules  -- What CSS is and how to write it
Adding CSS To Your Page -- Three ways to utilize style sheets
Custom Selectors -- Use variables to stylize <div>...</div> tags & more
Cheat Sheet -- a HUGE glossary of  code based on my own personal cheat-sheet

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Star Wars The Old Republic, Roleplayers' Survival Guide

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   With The Force Awakens nearing its highly anticipated release, those of you who play MMOs may be inspired to get your Star Wars on. As far as roleplaying games go, Star Wars, The Old Republic/The Fallen Empire is pretty much the only game in town. SWTOR (Or SWTFE, as it's sometimes called since the recent Fallen Empire expansion), which has been online since December 20th, 2011, is a vast, beautifully crafted digital world set in the Star Wars universe. Since SWG's shut down on December 15th of the same year, TOR has been the go-to for MMORPG gamers to get their Star Wars fix.

   However, as many roleplayers have discovered, the game is kind of a pain in the neck to actually roleplay (RP) in. While there are features a-plenty for finding and connection with people for quests, instances, PVP, and other combat content, there's little in place for connecting roleplayers with one another.

   Fortunately, where there's a will, there's a way. If you're interested in some tips and tricks on finding RP in Star Wars the Old Republic, then read on.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Flowers For Paris

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   This young French boy, interviewed just after the attacks on Paris, is afraid that they might have to move away from their home to avoid the terrorists. His father, however, has some comforting words.

   Flowers. Guns may be used to kill bodies, but flowers can help heal souls. Each flower or candle represents thoughts, prayers, healing, and love. That kind of compassion is what protects us from the terror that ISIS and its ilk wants to sow among us. When the enemy wields fear as a weapon, we protect each other from it with flowers.

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