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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Black Thursday? Shopping on Thanksgiving Day

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   Black Friday is nuts. You have people camped out waiting for the doors to open, insane crowds, and limited time offers that people swear makes it all worth it. It's such a lucrative retail day that some stores are trying to take full advantage of the shopping frenzy by starting their sales on Thanksgiving Day.

   When I heard about this, all I could say was "Wow." Can you imagine having to work on Thanksgiving, when you should be celebrating with your family? Not only that, stores are encouraging shoppers to cut their holiday short, in the name of saving a buck or two.

   If you're like me, and think that this Black Thursday business is a little ridiculous, then read on. I've complied a list of big name stores who refuse to open on Thanksgiving, to present an alternative to shopping at Black Thursday stores this season.

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